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Hi, I am Mayur

I enjoy bringing ideas
to life in the browser

I believe my personality and work stands strong upon these four pillars; with each project being creative and interactive, I make it with my utter passion and give each a touch of unique element.



A selection of my recent work.

Skillanation education platform based on ReactJS, Redux, PHP

Client work - ReactJS, Redux, PHP, MySQL, UI/UX

Created an education platform for one of the premier Sports Institute.

Skillanation website

Client work - Gatsby (React), NodeJS

Developed the revamped version of the website for Patelness.

Ayesha Patel

Personal work - ReactJS, ChatKit API

React Chat App using ChatKit API.

Mayur Joshi

Client work - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Added pages, content and required changes for Skillanation website.


Currently open to new opportunities, feel free to contact me

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